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How to Prepare an Interview For SQL

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How to Prepare an Interview For SQL

I met for a few employments that required overwhelming utilization of SQL once a day. These were Data Warehousing employments with the basic database being MS SQL Server. 

The following are the issues/subjects I've been asked from the telephone screen through the in-person meet. 

Telephone screens: 

Here is a colossal heap of inquiries for Microsoft SQL Server. Disclaimer: I composed this article myself. 

Amid the telephone screen, individuals don't as a rule dive deep into a point. They simply make surface-level inquiries. 
How to Prepare an Interview For SQL
How to Prepare an Interview For SQL

In Person Questions: 
  • I've been flame broiled on the subjects beneath. Ensure you know them well. 

  • Essential Keys 

  • Bunched Index versus Non-grouped Index 

  • Joins 

  • Perspectives 

  • Capacities 

  • Put away Procedures 

  • Table factors versus temp tables versus worldwide temp tables 

  • Exchanges 

  • Locking 

  • Coding questions: 

  • Finding the second most noteworthy record in a table 

Erasing copy records 

Discover the maximum record in a table without MAX() and Order By provision 

Mind clients who submitted a request totaling more than 5000 

Ensure you know the accompanying admirably 

ROW_NUMBER(), Rank() 


Refreshing/Deleting utilizing joins 

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